Functional Medicine in Las Vegas: The Future of Medicine

Medical science has come a long way, and the advances go far beyond updated equipment and improved practices.The medical industry is slowly adopting a more holistic, patient-focused approach to health and wellness. Rather than working to treat a set of isolated symptoms, physicians focus on improving their patients’ overall health with each treatment.Functional medicine, as […]

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Las Vegas Alternative Medicine

The Top 5 Benefits of Alternative Medicine in Las Vegas

Are you looking for optimal health and wellness in Las Vegas and wonder which medical procedures are best: traditional Western medicine or alternative medicine? There are positive points for each type of medicine. We believe that Western medicine is great for treating infections, broken bones, and serious diseases. Alternative medicine in Las Vegas has its […]

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Coconut Oil Health and Wellness Las Vegas

Is Coconut Oil Good For You or Bad? Why The Answer is Not Black and White

“Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy. It’s Never Been Healthy” claimed the title of a June 2017 USA Today article. The article had some people up in arms, while others have been left completely confused. For the past decade or so, coconut oil has been described by many in the health community as a superfood. Why, then, […]

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Alternative Treatments for Migraines

Alternative Treatments for Migraines: How Does PEMF Stack Up?

If you’re like most people who suffer from migraines, you’re constantly on the lookout for a reliable migraine treatment.While more options have come onto the market in recent years, they don’t work for everyone. Even worse, sometimes migraine medication doesn’t help.Finding an alternative migraine treatment can be even more difficult for people who would rather […]

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In a Slump? Boost Your Energy Naturally with These 5 Steps

Most of us struggle with energy. In this go-go-go world of smart phones and information at our fingertips, you’d think it would be the opposite… that we’d constantly feel energized. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.If you suffer from low energy, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to keep sluggishly moving through your day. There […]

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Eating Healthy on Vacation Is Not Impossible!

It’s summer – finally! The kids are out of school, the sun is shining bright, the air is warm (well, hot if you’re here in Las Vegas), and it’s time for a family vacation.It sounds like so much fun, right? But for a person dealing with weight issues, it can be a nightmare. After all, […]

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Lose Weight by Eating According to Your Circadian Rhythm

Lose Weight By Eating According to Your Circadian Rhythm

If you’re like most people who step into our practice, weight loss or weight maintenance is an uphill battle. It’s such a big problem that researchers have spent millions of dollars and many years researching this very topic. Because of their efforts, some people have finally been able to lose weight on a low-fat or […]

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what is functional medicine

What is Functional Medicine and How is it Revolutionizing the Medical Industry?

We live in a society that diagnoses health concerns based on a list of common symptoms. Mainstream medical doctors review those symptoms, then make judgments on how to treat illness and disease by writing drug prescriptions.Many health practitioners are now realizing that treating symptoms superficially with medication may eliminate symptoms on the surface, but in […]

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benefits of sauna treatment

Top Health Benefits of Sauna Treatments

Many of us can relate when we hear someone say they just feel “off.” We live in a world that’s filled with chemicals and toxins, and whether we realize it or not, it affects all of us.The food we consume is often questionable, toxic chemicals surround us, and even the air we breathe carries harmful particles. […]

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Alternative treatment for auto immune disease

Diabetic Neuropathy – A Functional Medicine Approach To Managing This Painful Disease

For non-sufferers, the term “diabetic neuropathy” might not mean much. But if you are one of the estimated 200,000 people in the US who suffer from diabetic neuropathy, this term is rich in meaning, as it means pain, frustration and resulting life limitations.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 21+ million people […]

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