Alternative treatment for diabetic neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy – A Functional Medicine Approach To Managing This Painful Disease

For non-sufferers, the term “diabetic neuropathy” might not mean much. But if you are one of the estimated 200,000 people in the US who suffer from diabetic neuropathy, this term is rich in meaning, as it means pain, frustration and resulting life limitations.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 21+ million people […]

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Body Wraps

Body Wraps to Lose Inches: Do They Really Work?

​We’ve all been there… searching the web for the right solution to help us flatten our belly or lose those saddlebags just in time for summer. A quick online search reveals any number of body contouring treatments in Las Vegas, including body wraps.Herbal body wraps are known for removing toxins from your body, but there’s […]

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Naturopathic Medicine

Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine? Your Guide to Health & Wellness

These days, so many of us are disillusioned with modern medicine. We’re looking for alternatives. Some want a more natural approach, an integrative approach to health and wellness. We’re tired of just treating symptoms and not getting to the root cause of our problems. Good news for those of you in Las Vegas looking for […]

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In the Battle of the Bulge, Which Comes Out on Top: Diet or Exercise?

The battle of the bulge. It’s real. And many are fighting it. Some turn to working out as the solution. But many end up disappointed. Despite vigorous exercise, they’re still unable to trim their waistlines. If they do lose weight from exercise, often the weight rapidly returns when they stop… in some cases, they end […]

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Healthy smoothies for weight loss

Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

“You are what you eat.” Mom (and the writer of that English proverb) was right, wasn’t she? Most diseases begin in our gut. That means taking care of your digestive tract is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy body. Many of us look to smoothies for help. In fact, drinking smoothies for […]

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4 Things You Can Do for Daily Detoxification

When you hear the word “detox,” you may think of eliminating drugs or alcohol. But in this case, detoxing has to do with how our bodies get rid of waste. What happens if waste builds up in our bodies? We can gain weight or even worse, get sick. Whether it’s due to our constant on-the-go […]

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Healthy Lifestyle

How Functional Medicine Differs from Traditional & Why It’s Good for Patients

You’re probably familiar with the traditional approach to your ailments.  You go the doctor, tell them your symptoms, they give you medicine to treat those symptoms.  They may even tell you to rest for a few days depending on what they think the problem is. This is the kind of treatment most of us are […]

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Functional Medicine Doctor's Healthy Diet

What’s on Dr. Ian’s Plate? 

A Functional Medicine Doctor’s Diet For any practitioner who is promoting health and wellness, it’s important to walk the walk. You can’t be a yoga teacher if you don’t practice yoga as a part of your own self-care and you can’t promote clean eating if Big Macs pop up in your diet weekly. Walking the […]

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Infrared Sauna Valhalla Wellness

5 Powerful Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

There’s something great about sweat, isn’t there? Ok, maybe not for everyone, but there’s no arguing the fact that it’s one of the ways the body eliminates toxins. In today’s busy world where many of us don’t have time or simply can’s handle vigorous exercise. Now there’s a way to get some of the benefits […]

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