Body Wraps to Lose Inches: Do They Really Work?

  • May 9, 2017 /
Body Wraps

We’ve all been there… searching the web for the right solution to help us flatten our belly or lose those saddlebags just in time for summer. A quick online search reveals any number of body contouring treatments in Las Vegas, including body wraps.

Herbal body wraps are known for removing toxins from your body, but there’s confusion about how they help us sculpt our bodies and lose inches. In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at body wraps and help you decide if they are the right treatment for you.

What Can I Expect During a Body Wrap Treatment?

A body wrap treatment typically takes up to an hour.  You are in the wrap itself for 30 minutes.

There are two stages to the body wrap treatment, absorption and compaction.  Valhalla's body wraps use all natural ingredients to help draw out toxins and other chemicals from the body.  

First, we apply a body exfoliant to remove dry skin and wake up the tissues.  Next, the body wrap cream is applied.  It's absorbed by your skin to remove the toxins.  Lastly, compaction happens when we apply the wrap to your body so it will absorb the cream, all while sculpting the body and helping to decrease cellulite. 

How Do Body Wraps Work?

At Valhalla Wellness, we use The Solutions4 Body Wrap Technique. It was developed by a UCLA biochemist to encourage circulatory flow in patients struggling with diabetes and other chronic diseases. For more than 30 years it has been helping people detoxify and lose inches.

Because it is based on science, it’s proven to increase circulation, which in turn cleanses the tissues and results in a healthy inch loss – from 4 to 14” in just one hour.

How Effective Are Body Wraps?

Herbal body wraps are designed to detoxify your body through its biggest organ, your skin. Detoxification helps your body function better. Herbal body wraps provide a host of benefits through the detoxification process including:

  • Clearing up common skin problems
  • Firming up your skin
  • Reducing cellulite (the fatty deposits of cellulite are broken apart by detoxification, helping to smooth your skin naturally)
  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Increasing your metabolism (which helps sculpt your body)

Ask anyone who’s experienced a body wrap how much better they feel afterward. What’s important to note is that body wraps work best when they are part of an overall wellness program, specifically a healthy diet.

Learn more about our herbal body wraps here. If you’re ready to detoxify with an herbal body wrap in Las Vegas, give us a call today to make an appointment.