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I’ve been going through the neuropathy treatment for almost 3 months.

It’s made a big change in my life. I don’t have as much pain in my feet, if any. I’ve cut down on some of the Lortabs that they were prescribing for neuropathy.

I just feel better.

Dr. Yamane has been there if I’ve ever had questions.
The staff, Amberly and Diane, they’ve been great. Really great place to come to. I’m glad I did it. No regrets.

Neuropathy Treatment, Las Vegas, NV

I’m just shocked and amazed and happy. And I’m full of energy. I’ve been two years with the fatigue and all the things that go along with diabetes. It’s just amazing for me, a real blessing for me because I didn’t know there was a way to get out of this.

This protocol is wonderful, just works well for me. It’s not a problem to take all the supplements and things and the food is very good.

Last Friday, when I took my glucose at night and it was 106, I thought “that’s not possible, I must’ve made a mistake!” But it’s been going down steadily since I started the program. I have had my numbers go down below 100 and I really was just amazed. I don’t think I was ever below 100.

Diabetes Treatment, Las Vegas, NV

I just went through the treatment for my neuropathy, and I'm telling you, when I first started, I couldn't sleep an hour, maybe 2 hours at the most at a time. I spent most of my time at home...

After 4 weeks of treatment, 12 treatments in all, I'm to the point now where I slept last night for 9 hours! I'm able to get out and move around because I've got energy again. It's really been a wonderful thing for me.

I have a quality of life again that is where I used to be before my heart surgery. And I love it. It's great. Well worth every penny.

Neuropathy Treatment, Las Vegas, NV

My life was very toxic, even though I was eating what I thought was good food, organic food.  My energy is back, my focus is back.  I can finally concentrate, have clarity.  Very happy, very grateful to all of you guys. (Sandra lost 50 pounds and 52 inches in one year on the Valhalla Wellness program).

Weight Loss Treatment, Las Vegas, NV

I am a stubborn man. I have most often done things my way and lived with the consequences. 6 months ago at the request of my wife, I agreed to go with her to a Cellular Healing health seminar sponsored by Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center.

I suffer from an auto accident and have been using their medical services to manage pain naturally through chiropractic and massage therapy. Through this time, I have been experiencing some additional health concerns: extra weight gain, leg pain, high blood pressure and general declining health.

The approach taken by Dr. Yamane has helped me. Yes, I have had to change my habits, discipline myself and learn to enjoy healthier foods. The Cellular Healing Diet has taught me that I can still have many of the foods I love though and still lose weight.

My husband was wheezing, not sleeping very well and not feeling good and just in poor health. We came to Dr. Yamane for help. I thought I might have a few issues that we could work on (too)… Dr. Yamane has helped me identify things that I could do to improve my wellness and reduce health risks.

Today, my husband and I are doing quite well. My husband has lost over 50 pounds. He is not wheezing, he sleeps better, and his blood sugar levels, cholesterol and high blood pressure have come down.

I personally have lost 20+ pounds and am gaining back some good health that I didn’t know I had lost. We both feel really good.

One of the most difficult things for me to do in life has been to get rid of belly fat. So when I decided I needed help, I came to Valhalla for a 12 week i-Lipo treatment.

…I lost 14 inches and 8 pounds in 12 weeks of treatment. Amazing? I didn’t believe it myself until Jan showed me the before and after pictures.

Needless to say, I’m very happy and will continue the program until I reach my goal. Thanks so much, ladies, for your enthusiasm and support.