What Is Your Gut Telling You?

  • October 11, 2018 /

A Little About Your Gut When we think of a biome, we typically picture a community of organisms that live in a large habitat. A desert, tundra, and tropical rainforest are all good examples of a biome. What most people don’t know, however, is that their own gut is an example of a biome—a microbiome. […]

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Whole Body Wraps and How They Detox

  • October 4, 2018 /

Experiencing a Body Wrap For something that sounds more like a sushi roll than spa treatment, you’d be surprised to know just how beneficial a whole-body wrap is for your health. Body wraps use an assortment of natural ingredients to help the body and skin receive the nutrients it needs and release the toxins it […]

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Benefits of Vitamin D

  • September 27, 2018 /

What Can the Sun Do? The sun is responsible for many aspects of human health. In addition to lighting our world, the sun is acts as the primary source of a vital nutrient in our body: vitamin D. The sunlight you receive during the summer equips you with this essential nutrient, supplying your body throughout […]

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Weight Loss the Functional Medicine Way

  • September 20, 2018 /

A Different Way of Thinking Weight Loss Losing weight is a science—it can be incredibly individual and complex. For those lucky few, a visit to the gym a few times a week will do the trick. For most, however, there is much more to consider. Maintaining your weight close to its ideal is a key […]

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Whole Body Vibrations at Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers

  • September 5, 2018 /

The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration At Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers, we offer a variety of treatments to promote health and wellness. Whole Body Vibrations is a 10 minute treatment that offers many benefits including cellulite reduction, accelerated weight loss, and increased circulation. Whole Body Vibration stimulates the cells in the body to function […]

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Which Detox is Best for You?

  • August 20, 2018 /

The importance of detoxing Over the past few decades, physicians have seen a significant increase of toxicity in their patients. This can be due to the environment, poor diet, lack of water, stress, or lack of exercise. So what are we doing to combat this toxicity? Our doctors at Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers advise […]

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Tired of Being Tired

  • July 20, 2018 /

Tired of being Tired We are part of a culture that prides itself on productivity. Sleep is considered a nuisance that gets in the way of work, family, social media, and exercise. We make up for this lack of sleep by eating unhealthy foods and drinks that give us a quick burst of energy. We […]

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Paige Riebsomer, B.S. Functional Nutritionist

  • July 5, 2018 /

  Paige Riebsomer, B.S. Functional Nutritionist          Paige Riebsomer grew up in Brookville, Indiana where she lived with her parents and older sister. When Paige was a teenager, she developed gut problems that made it almost impossible for her to lead a normal life. She desperately searched for answers that none of […]

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Mental Health and Functional Medicine

  • June 20, 2018 /

Mental Health and Functional Medicine There is one in four Americans that struggle with mental illness each year. That is a staggering 60 million people. There are many reasons for anxiety, depression, or stress. The chances are high that you or someone close to you is struggling with mental illness. Maybe you are stressed because […]

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