Herbal Body Wraps

Lose 3 to 14 Inches in One Hour!

Valhalla Wellness Body Sculpting

A body wrap from our Las Vegas health center is a rejuvenating treatment that helps rid your body of toxins, removes excess inches, and improves your skin tone and texture.

There are tons of great reasons to get a body wrap, including looking and feeling fabulous.

Here’s everything you need to know about this natural, effective treatment.

Valhalla Wellness Body Wraps in Las Vegas: How the Treatment Works

There are many benefits to getting a body wrap. First, let’s talk about how they work and what you’ll experience when you get one.

The Science Behind Our Body Sculpting Wraps

At Valhalla Wellness, our body wraps were developed by a biochemist from the UCLA Medical Center. They are designed to encourage circulation and lymphatic flow wherever they’re applied.

Here's a glimpse at a body wrap application:

Do Body Wraps Work to Lose Inches?

You can and most likely will lose inches when you try our body wraps.

Your lymphatic system is largely responsible for removing waste and toxins from your cells. Additionally, your circulatory system helps get rid of cellular waste and carbon dioxide.

When you boost these processes with a body wrap, you’re boosting your body’s toxin-removing power, resulting in natural body sculpting as skin elasticity is improved and cellulite diminishes. In other words, expect tighter skin that’s more contoured.

Our Process

Our body wrap treatment typically takes about 45 minutes. We start by exfoliating your skin to help the wrap do its work. Before we apply the body wrap, we use a body wrap cream that penetrates deep into the skin to aid the detoxifying process. The wrap comes next, and after it’s applied, you’ll wear it for about 30 minutes total.

When all is said and done, you will lose inches as the wrap pulls water and toxins from your body and increases blood and lymph flow.

You can expect to lose anywhere from 3 – 14 inches with a 45-minute treatment.

The Immediate Benefits You Can Get With Las Vegas Body Wraps

This detoxifying treatment will make you look and feel better right away. Here are some of the benefits you may notice after you leave our office:

  • Firmer, smoother skin
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Eased aches and pains
  • Glowing skin with restored elasticity
  • More energy due to improved metabolism

Who Should Get Body Sculpting Wraps?

Body wraps in Las Vegas from Valhalla Wellness are perfect for you if you’re feeling bloated, tense, stressed or sluggish. If you want a relaxing treatment that will help your skin look and feel better, our body wraps are for you.

Getting a body wrap is a perfect way to de-stress, get ready for a big event, or just improve your health and well-being. Combine this treatment with healthy diet and lifestyle changes, and you’ll look and feel better than ever.

If you’re ready for a spa-like, rejuvenating and relaxing body wrap, Valhalla Wellness has just the right treatment for you. Contact us today to make your appointment and get glowing.