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8 Reasons a Plant-Based Diet is for You

  • March 5, 2018 /

             “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”-Hippocrates
Power to the Plants
Making the change to a plant based diet can offer signific ant health benefits. By engaging in a plant based diet, you are putting the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats into your body that most Americans neglect to incorporate into their diet. A plant based diet can boost your health in different ways.
1-This will help detox your body which will help with digestion. Your body will have to do little work because plants are so easy to digest.
2-It will be easier to sleep. Foods high in potassium, folate, and magnesium help promote a better night’s sleep. All of these are found in fruits, seeds, and leafy greens.
3-You will have mental clarity. When we put good food into our body, our body rewards us. Plants are filled with healthy carbs which helps to regulate mood, sleep, and weight.
4-Plant based diets help to decrease your chances for type II diabetes and some cancers. Obesity is one of the leading causes of type II diabetes. When weight is regulated through diet, the chances of getting type II diabetes are significantly decreased.
5-Acheive and maintain a healthy weight. Processed foods are hard to digest and the after effects stay. A balanced diet will help regulate weight and drop blood sugars.
6-It can also improve your blood lipid levels. By eating foods without unhealthy fats, your cholesterol levels will decrease.
7-Eating less meat and more plants can also help give you more energy. Plants give the body consistent energy without the crash that so often happens when we drink caffeine for a quick burst of energy.
8-Your immune system will be stronger. You immunity is tied to your gut health. Because digestion is so easy while on a plant based diet, your gut will be happy making you healthy.
Pro Tips on Starting your Plant-Based Diet Journey
Changing your diet can be tough if you don’t know where to start. The best way to start a plant-based diet is to plan meals and snacks ahead of time. Having each meal planned makes it easy to follow through. Having snacks such as berries or healthy nuts on hand can make it easier to say no to sugary or salty snacks.
Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers Functional Medicine and Plant-Based Diets
When you first start a program with Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers, you receive a customized diet plan. Each patient is given different medical tests that the doctor will analyze, which helps our Doctors access which foods you need to be adding to your diet. At Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers, we know that healing your body starting at the cellular level starts with making changes to diet. Because we treat our patients at the cellular level, we are able to help you accomplish your short and long term health goals. We have a naturopath, a chiropractor, a traditional medical doctor, and a functional medicine doctor so that we are able to help you take care of all of your medical needs.