Can Your Makeup Make You Sick?

  • November 15, 2018 /

For most women, putting on makeup is part of the daily routine. Few women realize, however, that their makeup could be making them sick! If you find yourself frequently sick, with reoccurring headaches, or irritated skin, it might be worth experimenting with your makeup alongside medical guidance. Your body might be telling you it’s time to switch things up. Ingredients used in shower gels, eyeshadows, lipsticks and soaps have been linked to many serious health conditions.

Cosmetic companies aren’t intentionally trying to hurt you. Ingredients that may be harmful are well below the safety limits, so they pose no real dangers on their own. The accumulative effects of these chemicals, combined with the long-term exposure, can drastically increases the risks they pose. If it isn’t the chemicals in the makeup that are affecting your health, it could easily be the way you apply it. With anything that close to your eyes and mouth, there is risk of infection and germs.

Many healthy brands are available to ensure your skin and body are safe over time, and many healthy habits should be made to reduce any effects of makeup. There are important questions to ask yourself when considering your makeup.

Have you ever had a reaction to your makeup?

Our skin is designed absorb nutrients that it finds in nature. This is why topical creams and lotions can be so useful to our health. When we add unwanted chemicals, however, we are feeding our skin poison. A sure sign that your skin doesn’t like your makeup is irritation.

Irritation may be caused by allergies, skin sensitivity, or a number of other health warnings. Makeup that is safe for one person may not be for another because we all have specific health needs and our bodies demand catered treatments. If you do have skin sensitivity, for example, there are certain products you should avoid. Even if irritation fades, long-term exposure can be very unhealthy. Additionally, there are products that can even increase your health rather than diminish it. If are prone to acne, some products contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which are two ingredients that fight acne.

Did you read the ingredients label on your makeup?

With how much makeup is absorbed by the skin, be sure to read makeup labels the same way you would with a food nutrition label before buying food at the grocery store. Many potentially dangerous chemicals such as color additives are firmly regulated by the FDA but there are several chemicals that have been approved for specific cosmetic use that are not approved to use safely around the eye. Because of this, you should always make sure you are applying your products appropriately.

Do you share your makeup?

Sometimes, the biggest health risk from makeup comes from your own application habits. Your mouth and nose are easy access points for infections and germs. Sharing makeup, even with people who seem healthy and sanitary, can result in all sorts of health conditions such as pink eye. So, the next time your friends get ready together before a night out, make sure you bring your own makeup bag. Likewise, you should always wash your hands before applying your makeup. Just because you don’t share your makeup, doesn’t mean you aren’t sharing germs with other.

Do you take your makeup off before bed?

During the time that we sleep, our bodies work to regenerate, and our skin is no exception—this is why we call it our beauty sleep! Leaving makeup on at night can clog pores prevent our skin from doing what it needs before the next day. For healthy skin, it is important to wash your face every night, regardless of how tired you may be.

To ensure your makeup isn’t hurting your health, it’s good to keep asking questions and continue doing research to learn about the makeup you are using and what is best for your skin. The best way to stay healthy is to tailor your makeup routine to you. According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, we absorb roughly 60% of everything we put onto our skin. Just like food, we should always strive to intake only natural, healthy products that will help us in the long run.