Cellular Healing with Dr. Ian Yamane

  • April 11, 2018 /

At Valhalla Wellness Center, we know that healing the body for a more active and fulfilling life starts at the cellular level. Our goal is not just treatment of an illness. Rather, we strive to help our patients understand why they have an illness and how our plan will help repair their bodies. We do not just tell our patients they have a disease and then offer a quick-fix pill. We endeavor to explain, in detail, precisely how the disease occurred within their body and how we will help them to heal.

Dr. Ian Yamane’s approach to healing the body starts with Cellular Healing and the 5 R's:

  • Remove the Source— There are toxins attacking the body from a cellular level that must be identified before healing can truly begin.
  • Remove the Source— There are toxins attacking the body from a cellular level that must be identified before healing can truly begin.
  • Regenerate the Inner and Outer Membrane— When inflamed the inner and outer membrane of the cell does not allow nutrients to flow inside the cell, and toxin to leave freely.
  • Restore Cellular Energy— Once nutrients can flow into the membrane, the mitochondria can sufficiently produce energy to detox and regenerate the cell.
  • Reduce Inflammation and Oxidative Stress— This is caused by an abundance of refined sugar, grain and bad fats put into the body as well as outside toxins such as air pollution or toxic cleaning products.
  • Re-establish Methylation— If the supply of methyl groups in the body is disrupted, your cells are left unable to perform detox, DNA protection, hormone metabolism and epigenetics.

Traditional medicine does not get to the root cause of medical issues with the depth and intricacy of Dr. Yamane’s approach. Our goal is not to treat the symptoms but rather to fix the causes of the health ailments of our patients. There are no one-size-fits-all treatments for a disease at Valhalla Wellness Center. We individualize wellness plans based on our patients’ specific cellular makeup.


"So the cell is everything. And that's why that's our approach to optimal wellness is looking at the cell first because if the cell is not healthy then there's no way we're gonna be well and achieve that level of optimal health.

But when you see a traditional medical doctor they don't look at it from that standpoint as far as getting to the root of the problem. Number one they don't have time to get to the root of the problem. And number two their training is such that if you have a specific condition, disease, or symptom, they know with what medications they can treat it with. And you follow up with them, you know, on a routine basis every three to six months maybe once a year to treat them and they'll follow up on how the medications are doing.

Whereas, with my approach on a cellular level we're treating the cell through nutritional means so through the way we eat, through lifestyle, through specific types of formulations, whether they're herbally based, vitamin, or mineral, and and that's the biggest difference."

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