Cellular Healing

  • March 1, 2017 /
Cellular Healing Success Story - Ronald

Reigniting Hope for Ronald

In December of 2014, Ronald, age 81 at the time, was diagnosed with an unspecified auto-immune disease. He was given prednisone, a steroid, to reduce the symptoms associated with the disease.

Then, Ronald experienced the unthinkable. His vertebrae began to break – a side effect of the steroid. In a matter of 5 months, he had broken three vertebrae, causing serious mobility problems. He now had difficulty walking and lifting his head, and he found himself sleeping his days away.

His life was deteriorating rapidly. His primary doctors told him nothing more could be done for him. But Ronald and his wife would not be deterred. They were determined to find an alternative to the prednisone.

Like many, they were starting to feel hopeless, figuring they had exhausted all options. As a nurse, Ronald’s wife is familiar with alternative care and functional medicine, so they decided to look into the programs at Valhalla Wellness.​

Ronald's Path to Wellness

When they met with Dr. Ian Yamane, he explained to them that the auto-immune disease needed to be treated at the cellular level. This was like a light bulb moment for Ronald. Up until now, his doctors had been treating the symptoms rather than the source of the problem and getting nowhere.

Dr. Ian began by addressing the problems in the gut. Ronald was prescribed a specific diet to eliminate toxins. While it wasn’t easy at first, Ronald had the full support of his wife who learned a completely new way to shop and cook.

The change worked.​

Ronald's Results

Within three months of treatment, Ronald’s inflammatory marker went to zero after being extremely high. Today, those indicators remain at zero, and Ronald has been off the steroid for more than 15 months now with no symptoms.

“Today, I feel like I’m almost as strong as I was before all this happened,” said Ronald who describes the outcome as “like a miracle.” “The medical profession I realized, they diagnose you and then they give you pills to resolve the symptoms. But they really don't cure it. They're covering the symptoms with pills. Whereas he (Dr. Ian) works on the cellular level to address the underlying problem.”

Ronald continues to follow the recommendations of Dr. Ian. He says, “I'm doing it because it works. I don't want to take prednisone, and I don't want to go back to the symptoms I had before. I'm feeling great. My strength has come back, it works! On all levels, I'm very happy with it.”​