Functional Medicine in Las Vegas: The Future of Medicine

  • September 11, 2017 /

Medical science has come a long way, and the advances go far beyond updated equipment and improved practices.

The medical industry is slowly adopting a more holistic, patient-focused approach to health and wellness. Rather than working to treat a set of isolated symptoms, physicians focus on integrative medicine to improve their patients’ overall health with each treatment.

Functional medicine, as it is known, may very well be the future of healthcare. Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers focus on integrative functional medicine in Las Vegas and Henderson, making it easier for patients to get more out of every medical appointment and procedure they undergo.

What Does Functional Medicine Mean?

Functional medicine derives its name based on the result it offers. Functional medicine seeks to find out the cause of a disease, rather than merely addressing the symptoms.

Most medical conditions cause a person to lose some function within their body, whether it’s speed, disease-fighting capabilities, or the ability to live pain-free. Integrative functional medicine seeks to restore these functions, find out what caused the loss in the first place, and to learn how the function can be restored and maintained for the long-term.

Why Pursue Functional Medicine in Las Vegas?

With so many different types of medical facilities to choose from in Las Vegas, it is easy to wonder why you should pursue this newer method over trusted alternatives.

While traditional medicine has evolved, it has demonstrated several shortcomings which are concerning for patients and physicians alike. One of these shortcomings is the idea that treating symptoms alone can help improve someone’s health.

We all know that getting treatment for a physical ailment is important, especially if the condition is painful or has the potential to worsen quickly. Functional medicine means treating the symptoms without putting the entire focus on them.

Why Treating Symptoms Isn’t the Same As a Cure

It’s common for many people to walk into a medical facility, get treatment for a condition or symptoms, and leave feeling less than 100 percent.

Healthcare expenses are high, and people who spend their money want the best results. For medical situations, this is especially true. Better care means better health in the future and fewer chances that the issue will pop up again.

Some people leave their appointment with their medical doctors still feeling ill, sore, or in bad spirits as their overall level of health has been reduced due to their condition and only their symptoms are being addressed. Valhalla’s focus on functional medicine in Henderson and Las Vegas, tackles this problem by providing benefits that traditional medicine does not.

Proven Benefits of Functional Medicine

The philosophy behind integrative functional medicine is simple – a lack of symptoms doesn’t necessarily equate to optimal health. The basis for this determination is not an opinion, but rather on medical facts.

Functional medicine is rooted in science rather than trends. Despite being a cutting-edge branch of integrative medicine that is gaining momentum in the community, it isn’t fair to compare functional medicine to many new-age methods which are questioned by experts.

Functional medicine involves taking advantage of new research about the body, which shows many previously undiscovered relationships exist between organs and systems. Better health in one area of the body may have benefits for other areas, thus making integrative functional medicine a great tool for focusing on long-term health.

An Individual Approach to Patient Care

Everyone’s body is different when it comes to their health conditions and medical history. While one-size-fits-all approaches can be helpful for treating certain conditions, they’re generally poor at helping to improve a person’s overall health.

Certain medical conditions can influence others, leading to a multiplicative effect. It can also lead to cases where a person is trying to treat multiple conditions with multiple unrelated procedures, which can be exhausting and expensive.

Functional medicine in Las Vegas is about understanding the individual and their health concerns. By focusing on personalized solutions, it is also possible to help the body become more balanced and even make it more resistant to ailments.

Enhancing the Body’s Natural Capabilities

Traditional medicine is usually about introducing outside agents (like drugs) into the body to treat conditions and diseases. While integrative medicine can involve supplements, it is mainly centered around improving overall bodily health – which can, in turn, help the body hold onto this higher level of health in the future.

Once functional medicine helps the body, it is then much easier for the body to utilize its self-regulating capabilities. Improved health across various systems and parts of the body makes it easier to handle common functions and leads to better natural regulation in the body including:

  • Disposing of toxins and waste
  • Maintaining proper nutrient and vitamin levels
  • Better response to diseases

The body can regulate normal functions, but it also has another surprising ability – the ability to heal itself. While most people know that this capability exists to some capacity, as it is vital for recovering from any injury, few know the ability can be enhanced.

A healthier body can do everything better, including heal. Functional medicine means helping the body achieve better health across all parts and systems. Not only does this lead to short-term benefits, but it also makes it easier for a person to hold onto their level of wellness in the long-term.

Uses for Functional Medicine in Las Vegas

People who seek out functional medicine in Henderson and Las Vegas may have many reasons for doing so. Integrative functional medicine can be used to treat many conditions, including diabetes, weight problems, anxiety, chronic pain, and even low energy.

Problems like these usually affect one another, leading many people to find their health declining in other areas while they look to get one condition treated. For example, an overweight person may be at higher risk for diabetes. Likewise, a person who suffers from chronic pain may end up developing anxiety that bothers them even when their injuries aren’t causing them pain.

Functional Medicine is Changing Health in Las Vegas

Whether it’s a busy city like Las Vegas or any other area where individuals want a more holistic approach to health, functional medicine is becoming a more popular option every day. The main difference between functional medicine and traditional medicine is the core philosophy – and this influences the impact of both options.

Traditional medicine focuses on the type of medicine or treatment that matches up with the disease. It is useful for treating symptoms but doesn’t deliver the most impactful or beneficial type of result in most cases.

Functional medicine strives to discover why the individual is suffering from a condition, what caused it, and creating a treatment plan that puts the patient on the road to optimal health.

If you’re ready to feel better, it might be time to explore integrative functional medicine in Las Vegas or Henderson Contact Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers today!

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