Homeopathic vs. Conventional Medicine – What Is the Difference?

Homeopathic vs. Conventional Medicine – What Is the Difference?

  • December 18, 2017 /

A few decades ago, the medical doctor was the last word in medicine. Their word was like gold. Every recommendation they made, every pill they prescribed, or surgery they ordered was viewed as the best treatment option for patients.

Modern medicine has done a lot to help people. Diseases of the past have been eradicated or their severity reduced.

But in some ways, modern medicine is lacking.

More and more people recognize this and are looking for alternatives.

That is one of the reasons that Las Vegas residents come to our Valhalla Wellness offices. They recognize that there is a different – and sometimes better – approach to medicine that conventional treatments and doctors can’t provide.

People love that they can come to our offices and receive homeopathic care.

So what is this type of medicine? And how does it differ from conventional medicine?

The Conventional Approach: What Modern Doctors Are Taught to Focus On

While in medical school, doctors aren’t necessarily taught to look at the body as a whole unit.

Instead, they focus on one system, one organ, etc. For example, they study the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and the respiratory system. They study the heart, the liver, and the brain.

More often than not, though, they aren’t taught about the interconnections between each system and organ.

This is one reason why we see so many specialties. We have the ear, nose, and throat doctor, orthopedic doctors, endocrinologists, etc.

Granted, each system and organ is incredibly complex, and it makes sense that one doctor can’t necessarily be an expert on every part of the body.

However, what has resulted is a disconnect between specialties, which, in most cases, leads doctors to treat each system separately.

Additionally, doctors are taught to treat symptoms rather than the true underlying problem. And there’s a pill now for nearly every symptom – but not for every underlying problem.

We’re not saying that conventional medicine doesn’t have its place. It absolutely does.

Modern medicine and medications – like Penicillin – have saved a lot of lives. For people who have broken bones, need surgery, or have an emergency – conventional medicine is able to do much for these patients.

But conventional medicine falls short when it comes to treating diseases or preventing them or promoting good health.

How a Homeopathic Doctor Approaches Medicine

Another option for medical treatment is to engage the services of homeopathic practitioners.

What can a homeopathic doctor in Las Vegas do for you?

First, homeopaths start off by conducting an extensive evaluation, which includes a detailed health history of every patient.

Oftentimes, the questions that homeopaths ask their patients are not yes/no questions. Instead, they are open-ended, those that encourage the patients to describe their symptoms and how they’re feeling in detail. The more detail – the better.

The information provided to them from the health history form and the conversation they have with their patient will help them in the following ways:

  • They’ll know what types of diagnostic tests to order
  • They can come to a more accurate diagnosis
  • They can create a treatment plan that treats the cause of their illness or pain – not just something to cover up the symptoms.

When it comes to treating their patients, the goal of homeopathic doctors is to stimulate the body’s immune system (or defense mechanisms) so that disease can not only be treated but prevented.

At our office, we offer a variety of treatments, like herbal wraps, oxygen therapy, and vibrational therapy.

Another form of treatment many homeopathic doctors use is to give patients very small doses of a substance, which if given in higher doses would cause illness.

The idea behind this is that smaller doses allow the body’s immune system to recognize the substance and not react to it in a way that causes illness. In other words, like cures.

Homeopathic Treatments – the Holistic Path to Wellness

Modern medicine tends to focus on symptoms. Holistic practitioners – including homeopathic doctors – focus on the whole body.

When patients come into our offices, they know that we will look at their physical, mental, and emotional health. Our treatment plans are based on helping to heal the complete person.

Our services range from cellular healing rejuvenation, nutritional counseling, and depression alternatives. Again, our goal is to treat the whole person.

Doing that is what helps our patients feel happy, healthy, and energized. With help from homeopathic doctors and natural, cutting-edge treatments, you can feel this way, too!

Would you like to know more about how our holistic approach can impact your health and wellbeing? Please fill out the contact form to request your consultation with one of our doctors.