Leaky Gut with Dr. Ian Yamane

  • March 13, 2018 /

There are a great many people in our society who are just not feeling their best. Whether it be chronic fatigue, excessive gas and bloating, constant headaches, or pain in their abdomen, they just don’t feel good. Traditional doctors sometimes have a difficult time diagnosing a problem— all the blood tests come back normal and there is no sign of diabetes or thyroid issues or any other of the more prevalent diagnoses of these symptoms.

There is a greater knowledge now, thankfully, that these symptoms may be caused by leaky gut, or hyperpermeability of the GI tract.

What is hyperpermeability?

Hyperpermeability of the gut, or commonly “leaky gut”, is when the GI tract is not sufficiently filtering before releasing into the bloodstream. There are a great many things causing this, such as:

  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Infection
  • Excessive alcohol use

Traditional medicine may treat this with pills, but the better way is to make lifestyle changes specifically targeted toward your GI tract. Valhalla Wellness Center starts with a 52 point blood panel and an in depth analysis of our patients’ results. This allows us to work with you on a transformative wellness approach to your ailments.

Giving your body what it needs

Once we have the analysis of what our patients’ lab work reveals, we then begin to work with our patients on an approach to not only help with current ailments and diseases, but to prevent possible future diseases. Our approach is not disease oriented, but wellness oriented. We give our patients:

  • Information on supplements that will specifically work for them
  • Foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet
  • Side effects of all the medicine you are on specific to your lab work results
  • An all-natural, drug-free solution to improve your overall health

Our goal is always to allow our patients’ bodies to heal themselves rather than using medicine to do it for them.


"The term “Leaky Gut” is becoming more familiar with the general public. And with leaky gut, the proper terminology is more “hyper-permeability,” meaning that the GI tract, specifically, is not screening out all the garbage before it goes into the bloodstream.

And so what's the cause of this?

Well typically, it's because of our eating habits and our lifestyle changes. It all leads back to lifestyle and the way we eat oftentimes. There's a lot of research that is indicating that the more good bacteria we have the more protection we have for the body.

So, I'm not doing any healing, I'm just assisting the body on what it needs, as far as, raw materials in the form of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and giving the body in a therapeutic dosage, so that it can heal itself. And at that point, once the body heals itself, then it's a permanent change at that point. And that's really what what optimal health is all about."

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