Mental Health and Functional Medicine

  • June 20, 2018 /

Mental Health and Functional Medicine

There is one in four Americans that struggle with mental illness each year. That is a staggering 60 million people. There are many reasons for anxiety, depression, or stress. The chances are high that you or someone close to you is struggling with mental illness. Maybe you are stressed because of work, feeling anxiety over a big life choice, or you are feeling depressed due to family issues. The most important first step is to seek help. At Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers we have had great success assisting patients struggling with mental health back to normality.

What Causes Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can be caused due to inflammation in the body. There is an imbalance of hormones caused by a lack of nutrition. There is a direct correlation with your brain and you GI tract (gut) through hormones. When we see a patient struggling with these issues, we know that we first need to cleanse the body and then put the proper foods into the body. Our doctors will change your diet by cutting out things like sugar, dairy, and caffeine. These substances cause that inflammation. Once you have cleansed your body of the toxins this bad food can bring, your new diet will consist of options such as healthy fats, probiotics, and vegetables.

Drugs such as antidepressants will not cure the disease, but only mask the symptoms. When we fix our bodies, we fix our brain. When we eliminate the foods that cause these feelings, we provide the body with the ability to heal.

We Can Help

As our patient, you’ll benefit from the varied, multidisciplinary nature of our staff. Our team includes a family medicine doctor, a naturopathic physician, and a chiropractic physician. Our staff will guide you in making the lifestyle adjustments that can contribute to healing on a cellular level.