Weight Loss

  • March 1, 2017 /
Kim G Weight Loss Success Story

Kim's Weight Loss Journey

Hopeless. That’s how Kim felt as she searched for a weight loss solution that would actually work. She was fed up with the fatigue that came from being overweight. She’d tried so many things, and yet, nothing seemed to make a difference. It was dead end after dead end.

One day, during a chiropractic appointment at Nevada Rehabilitation Centers, she noticed a flyer for a weight loss program offered by NRC’s sister company, Valhalla Wellness. She started asking questions about the program and scheduled a consultation. Little did she know, hope would return, and that consultation would change her life.

The Weight Loss Consultation that Changed Everything

The next week, Kim met with Dr. Ian Yamane. Kim says she had a lot of questions, and he took the time to answer them for her. She says, “I felt he was very knowledgeable. He knows a lot of stuff. It would boggle my mind, some of the stuff he would explain to me…”

She was even more excited to learn that the weight loss program at Valhalla Wellness would be catered to specifically to her, and that she would get a ton of support along the way. In the past, she had tried programs where, “You do it this way. You do it that way. If it’s not working, you still do it this way” and was relieved to know that customization is one of the highlights of the Valhalla Wellness program.

As Kim left her consultation, she says she had a gut feeling this was exactly what she needed. She knew it wasn’t going to be quick or easy, but she felt like she’d finally found the right fit. She called her husband in tears and said, “This is it! This is what I want to do. This will help me. This will make me healthy. I’ll get everything I’m looking for. I’ll get the weight loss. I’ll get the support. This is the way I want to go!”

She says she felt light and happy… like she’d finally found the answer.

Kim's Remarkable Results

Since beginning Valhalla’s weight loss program, Kim has lost 65 pounds. She has more energy and says she has a much more positive attitude about life in general. Kim says the way she was treated at Valhalla as well as the support she received on her weight loss journey are the key components to her success.

The scientific backing of the program helped Kim really connect with each step. And seeing the benefits in her body provided a constant reminder to make good choices. Sure, there were moments she felt like giving up, but the Valhalla team was there for her in those times… helping her push past them to reach her goal. Kim says she never felt like a number.

Today, Kim still experiences the benefits of this lifestyle change and the improvement in her overall well-being.