Valhalla Wellness Treatments

Herbal Body Wraps – Use of herbal body wraps will increase flow in both the circulatory and lymphatic systems cleansing the tissues from the outside in. You will experience inch loss and cellulite reduction with our specially formulated wrap. Learn More

Zerona & ILipo Lipo-lasers – A non-invasive procedure designed for spot fat reduction, inch loss and body contouring on almost all parts of the body. This treatment is ideal for all body types. Learn More

Whole Body Vibration – A non-invasive way to increase metabolism, strength, flexibility and rejuvenate your body. Whole body vibration compliments aerobics and strength training. Learn More

Infrared Sauna – In this unique sauna, you’ll be able to burn calories and detox your body with infrared light. Infrared light can keep your body in fat burning mode by using heat energy to warm your body, not the air around you. Learn More

Lipo Electro Stimulation – Target problem areas with contact electrodes to tighten and tone your muscles and to reduce fat. During this treatment, pulse waves will break down fat tissue and increase circulation.

Oxygen Therapy – Tired of not having enough energy to get through your day? Give your muscles more oxygen during workouts to increase energy and calorie burn with oxygen therapy. Learn More

Infrared LED Light Bed – Fight aging and feel great with LED light! This non-invasive treatment will help with collagen production, reducing the signs of aging. Learn More

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency – This non-invasive technology, that is FDA approved, recharges your body and heals damaged cells. It is used for a variety of issues including autoimmune diseases and depression. Learn More