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At Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers, we have patients from all walks of life. This includes patients all over the country and even the world! If you are looking for a functional and holistic doctor

Are you struggling with a health problem that traditional treatment, medicine and pills have failed to alleviate?

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We employ functional medicine to pinpoint the true cause before prescribing any treatment.

Our team of providers includes a medical doctor, a naturopathic physician, and a chiropractic physician. This empowers us to employ an integrated approach to your treatment. We use functional medicine to pinpoint the true cause of your underlying problem. Our initial goal is to decrease your symptoms and make you feel better. The ultimate goal is to reduce your reliance on medication, leaving you feeling better naturally.

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Explore Our Functional Medicine Services

What is functional medicine, and how does Valhalla Wellness use it to make a difference in your life?

What Exactly IS Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine helps patients achieve better overall health. Instead of focusing only on the specific symptoms making you feel bad, a functional approach to medicine places a priority on understanding why and how an illness started, as well as the optimal ways to treat and prevent it.

Your primary care doctor might medicate you to ease your symptoms and help you maintain your quality of life. Functional medicine, however, is about patient-centered care that improves your overall well-being.

Optimal health is more than just the absence of disease. Functional medicine features an integrated approach that utilizes science, genetics, internal and external factors to improve the body’s ability to overcome even chronic diseases.

There’s no one right answer to most health issues.  That’s why functional medicine incorporates many different treatment types. We combine complementary medicine with traditional Western medical practices. Everything from the latest in lab testing technology to comprehensive supplements and botanical medicines plays a part in helping patients achieve optimal health.

The tools of functional medicine practitioners include enhanced nutrition and therapeutic lifestyle practices. Diet, exercise, stress-management techniques and detoxification programs are also integral parts of our approach.

The methods vary but the goal is simple: give you, our patients, the improved quality of life you deserve.

The Functional Medicine Services Valhalla Wellness Offers

We provide a multidisciplinary approach, geared toward healing on a cellular level. Our resources include a traditional family medical doctor, a naturopathic physician and a chiropractic physician. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness or you wish to lose weight and just feel better, we can help you resolve your problems by strengthening your body’s ability to heal.

We begin by incorporating a “quick fix” to reduce your symptoms in the short term. This relies on prescribed medications and/or herbal formulations, but that is only one part of our approach. We then deploy a functional approach to figure out the underlying cause of your health problems.

No two patients are the same, which is why we will take an in-depth look at your specific situation. We examine lab work and assess your diet and lifestyle to formulate the ideal program for you. 

Our functional approach to medicine means we don’t focus on chasing your symptoms. Instead, we elevate your overall health by finding long-term resolutions to your underlying issues. Using our multifaceted methods, we can increase your wellness while optimizing your body’s ability to heal itself. Some of the approaches we use include:

  • Massage therapy to combat muscle pain
  • Unique exercises to aid with back problems, improve posture and overcome issues like scoliosis
  • Natural herbal remedies and vitamin combinations
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy to recharge the body and heal damaged cells
  • Visual and auditory stimulation to achieve better brain fitness and reduce stress
  • Neurostimulation to stimulate nerves, promote blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage in order to combat the harmful impact of neuropathy
  • Herbal-infused full body wraps for lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and cellulite reduction
  • Infrared sauna sessions to facilitate detoxification
  • Whole body vibration and oxygen therapy to increase circulation and energy
  • In-house therapies geared towards facilitating healing
  • Coordination with medical doctors to wean diabetic patients off prescribed medications as health improves
  • Spinal adjustments and physical therapy to address musculo-skeletal pain

There is a great deal of variety in the ways we can address your issues, but the steps taken are dependent on your needs and progress. Once we discover the underlying cause of your pain, we will take steps to resolve it, adjusting our approach whenever necessary.

At the heart of our functional approach to healing is one constant: A patient cannot achieve improved health without the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. Furthermore, the most important trait a patient of functional medicine can have is the desire to get better.

Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

Not everyone is a match for functional medicine. That’s why we don’t take every patient who comes to us. The people we help must be willing to adhere to our program, which requires a great deal of commitment. At Valhalla Wellness, we offer resources that can improve your health as well as your quality of life. Still, we can’t help you if you’re not willing to do what’s necessary to help yourself. 

If you’re committed to the program, however long it might be, we can help you achieve a level of wellness you might not have believed possible for yourself. It won’t always be easy to make these changes, which can include taking a lot of supplements and avoiding certain foods and habits. However, if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to solve your problems, we can help you discover a better, healthier you.

Ready to Take the First Step toward Feeling Better?

Whether you’re coming to us for relief from an illness or for weight loss, we will sit down with you and discuss the right programs for your needs upon your first visit. If we both decide you’re the right fit for our clinic, we’ll start you on a program geared toward the results you want to achieve.

If you find you’re interested in only certain aspects of the program we suggest, you’re free to pick and choose the components you want. We can accommodate your preferences, so long as you’re willing to commit to achieving better health on a cellular level.

If you wish to learn more about what we do, or if you want to inquire about how you can get started on the road to a better you, call us for a consultation today!