Healing Bodies, Changing Lives.


Dr. Ian K. Yamane, DC

Clinic Director

Functional Medicine​

Dr. Ian Yamane grew up in a small community in San Diego County.  At home, his mother battled illness for over 20 years.  He witnessed a high spirited woman who was held back by a sick body and was relegated to her bed.  She had no vitality and was always sick.  He watched his father pick up the slack in the household to care for his sick wife while working full time and raising a family.  It was painful for Dr. Yamane to experience his parents return each time from a doctor's visit as he had high hopes that the large bag of pills would somehow cure her. At times there were some glimpses of hope that she was cured, yet gradually over time she would end up right back in bed. Unfortunately, after visiting with many of the top healthcare specialists she passed away at a premature age.  From that moment on, Dr. Yamane had a burning desire to start his journey in finding a way to help people with chronic and difficult to treat conditions in an alternative and natural way.  His desire for all families to enjoy optimal health drives his research and development of patient care so that no individual within families will have to suffer the same life-long debilitating heath that held back his family from the joy they could have had. 

Dr. Yamane graduated with honors from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1993.  He then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to create his dream of starting his own practice.  For the next 25 years his practice had blossomed into multiple clinics spread throughout the Las Vegas valley.  He currently owns and operates his clinics out of 4 locations. 

Dr Yamane has developed a wellness clinic utilizing a multidisciplinary approach which offers family medicine, functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, massage therapy, weight loss, and body sculpting services.  With this combined approach a patient has a better chance of having his or her condition resolved.  Dr. Yamane currently practices in the Functional Medicine department which addresses the underlying causes of symptoms.  He utilizes many forms of testing including testing for genetic defects in order to have a comprehensive, customized and personal approach with each patient.    

Dr. Yamane has always been an innovator.  He is continually passionate about learning about the latest scientific breakthroughs in health and utilizing and sharing those principles with his patients.  This is what has been the key to his success a long with his high level of integrity and character.  Governor Kenny Guinn recognized this in Dr. Yamane and appointed him to the Chiropractic Physicians Board of Nevada in 2002.  He served on this regulatory board for 8 years and was awarded the “Pillars of Regulation” by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.  

Dr. Yamane obtained certifications from Bridgeport University in the following areas:  Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering the Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, and Functional Endocrinology.  He is a member of and has  obtained certifications from the Institute of Functional Medicine in the Cardiometabolic, Hormone, Energy, and Immune Advanced Practice Modules. 

Dr. Yamane is married to his best friend, Deborah. They have 4 children and love spending time together as a family.  He is very involved in serving his church and community.  The pursuit of optimal health has led his passion for creating a better life for his family and has led to many wonderful breakthroughs for his wellness practice.